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What Do You Think about Death?

What Do You Think About Death?

This question is one that I've never answered before! I've faced death, feared death, wondered about death and wondered about how strong I would be if I knew my time was near. Over the past two months, I've attended five funerals/life celebrations for friends, my ten month old great granddaughter and a parent of a friend. I've avoided my feelings, cried, talked openly about my feelings and tonight got out of bed to write my thoughts.

My wife and I had dinner tonight with a friend that lost their long time spouse a few weeks ago and I was wondering what that was like! My granddaughter and her husband lost their ten month old daughter four weeks ago! What was that like and how do they recover? How does a spouse recover from losing a long time spouse and friend? How do they face the day and night time? How difficult is it to face life without a friend or my little girl?

I don't know the answers to these questions because I've not faced these situations on their level. The reason I got out of bed to write my thoughts is because I haven't given my friends/relatives enough credit for their courage and strength! I didn't give my mother enough credit when she lost my dad suddenly at an advanced age.

Tonight, I'm thinking about gratitude! I haven't faced these challenges. After 56 years of marriage, my spouse is still with me, my kids are healthy and successful and their kids are doing well.

Praise God for such blessings! I'm the most fortunate person to ever walk the face of the earth!

What about You?

What gratefulness are you appreciating?

What relative or friend are you noticing?

What "life" are you valuing?

How would you feel if you lost a friend, child, spouse, parent?

Who would you like to hug or have a conversation with before it's too late?

Let's be mindful, grateful, appreciative and realize life is fragile and short!