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Who Are You Wanting to Change?

Who Are You Wanting to Change?

When I saw this question, my first thought was...How long can my list be??

After a few minutes of consciousness, it came to me that I don't have the ability/power to change anybody with one exception, maybe. That one exception is Clyde AND many days that's problematic!

One of my teachers, Chalmers Brothers, told me the only person I can change is myself and the only way I can do that is to notice my current behavior, what outcomes I want and what price I'm willing to pay for the change to get these outcomes!

I only have a chance for Change when I'm "aware of my current behavior" and how the current behavior is affecting my outcomes and the outcomes of those I care about, like my family, employees and my followers.

I very much want my behavior to be valuable to me and all those around me!

How about You?

What behavior do you have that's not working for you, your Company and your Family?

What price are you willing to pay for making a change in your Behavior?

Let's be intentional about "What Behavior We Want and the Outcomes We Want!" With that clarity, the price of for the Change will not be an issue!