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What Relationship have You Forgotten/Misplaced?

I don't ask this question often enough! Yesterday, I did!

I've been thinking about a friend for several days and yesterday, I took time to call. When I heard a voice answer that I didn't recognize, I realized I'd waited too long to call. I then called the home number and my fear was confirmed when I got a recording saying the number was no longer in use.

Quickly, I called a mutual acquaintance and got the sad news that my friend had died earlier in the year after his spouse had died from Alzheimer's.  

This experience reminded me about "being a friend." It's my opinion that "Friends" know hopes and dreams, encourage, challenge and stay in touch and I didn't do that. This was more my loss and my future behavior is going to be different.

What about you?

What relationship have you "forgotten/misplaced?"

To whom do you owe a Love Letter?

What conversation could you have before it's too late?

Life is very valuable and very short! Let's take action today!

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