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Who Am I?

I've had some medical issues over the past few years and this experience has given me a chance to discover, learn about and appreciate this "body/creature" named Clyde. In fact, that's only my name, not who I am.

I'm very visual and when I see you, and me in the mirror, I see a "Human Being", whatever that means. One of my favorite authors, Wayne Dyer, reminded me that we Humans are not only physical, we're energy, intelligence, vibration, electricity, soul, spirit and many other things and most days, I take this for granted! Shame on me!

What I really am is a Miracle masquerading as a physical being. I visited two of my unconventional Physicians and one of them let me experience my energy field that extends about two feet out from my physical body. I always believed this concept and only today, after 74 years, I got to experience it.

This journey I'm on is allowing me to "see/experience" what a work of art this "physical being" is!

What about You?

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

When you look into the eyes of your significant other, spouse, child, what do you see?

What is "really" behind those eyes, a real human being with feelings, emotions, hopes, dreams? Something more than physical being?

I hope I gave you something to think about. Soon, I'll have a better understanding of who I am and will be able to be more specific.

For now, all I can say is I'm a miracle! You are too!